Located: Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

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Trekking Rinjani Lombok informations

Trekking Rinjani Lombok Informations – Rinjani volcano is under the Indonesian government’s management, with the national organization of Mount Rinjani National Park located on the beautiful Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara. Rising to 3726m above sea level, it is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Sumatra, which stands at 3828m above sea level. Mount Rinjani was nominated for INTERNATIONAL GEO-PARK status by UNESCO global in 2014 after extensive research on the volcano and the local society living around it.

The locals know that before Mount Rinjani existed, there was a huge volcano named Mount Samalas that rose to more than 5000m above sea level. It erupted in 1227, reaching a height of 13km from the caldera’s mouth and collapsing to create a horseshoe-shaped formation that is now famous with the local name Segara Anak “Lake,” as mentioned in the historical book of Lombok, “BABAD LOMBOK.”

Type Of Tour
  1. Mountain adventure
  2. Leisure trip
  3. Hiking and Camping
  1. Good fitness level required
  2. Not allowed for people with phobias
  3. Not allowed for people with high sickness


Mount Rinjani volcano offers the most incredible trekking activities among all the mount volcanoes in Indonesia and is renowned among trekkers worldwide. It presents a majestic crater lake, vast hectares of beautiful savanna, an incredible summit, natural hot spring waterfall, and a rich array of flora and fauna that you may encounter during your trekking programs. What you observe around Mount Rinjani volcano can vary depending on the trekking routes you choose for your ultimate volcano adventure in Lombok.


Trekking Rinjani Lombok accessible from East Lombok, South Lombok, and North Lombok with six (6) legal trekking routes that might interest you. These routes offer different levels of trekking difficulty, elevation, summit height, and trail experiences depending on your choice. The trekking routes include:

  1. Sembalun Trekking Route to the main summit at 3726m.
  2. Senaru Trekking Route to Senaru Crater Rim at 2640m.
  3. Torean Trekking Route, the closest route to access the crater lake at 2010m.
  4. Tetebatu Trekking Route to the south summit at 3300m, locally called Mount Sangkarean.
  5. Timbanuh Trekking Route to the south summit at 3500m.
  6. Aik Berik Trekking Route to the south summit at 3300m, locally called Mount Sangkareang.

All these trekking routes allow you to witness the beautiful baby volcano lined at the lake, rising to 350m above the lake level, and the majestic crater lake.

Rinjani Trekking Via SembalunTaking mount rinjani trekking via Sembalun trekking route will be start from 1200m above sea level Sembalun village that allowed you to experience the beautiful large savanna, Sembalun crater rim 2639m, Mount Rinjani volcano main summit 3726m, Segara Anak Crater Lake 2010, Hot Springs Waterfall, Penimbungan Waterfall and the exciting Torean jungle trek. Taking this trekking route you might see the beautiful ancient caldera of Sembalun, Hill surrounded Sembalun village, rich of agriculture, unique cultures & traditions of Sasak pople that you may experience before your trekking date.

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rinjani trekking via toreanTaking this trekking route allowed you to explore Torean jungle, Penimbungan Waterfall, Segara Anak Lake, Hot Springs waterfall, Sembalun crater rim 2639m, mount rinjani volcano main summit 3726m above sea level, and the beautiful large savanna along the way back via Sembalun trekking route. This trekking activities will be start from 500m, above sea level Torean village.

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rinjani trekking via senaruThis trekking route will be start form 750m above sea level Senaru village that offers the beautiful rain forest along the trek up to Senaru crater rim 2640m, the majestic crater lake, and you might see mount Agung in Bali, rich of Flora & Fauna, you might see Black Monkey, Gray Monkey, Wildflowers & Birds along the trek. Taking this trekking route allowed you to see two the most beautiful waterfall in Lombok’; Sendang Gila & Tiu Kelep waterfall before your trekking date.

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rinjani trekking via tetebatuThis trekking route to the south summit of mount Rinjani volcano local called Mount Sangkareang that rise to 3300m above sea level with exciting jungle trek along the way up to Tetebatu crater rim that offer the untouchable trekking route, rich of Flora & Faun, you might see wildflowers, Black monkey, Gray monkey, the majestic crater lake with the beautiful baby volcano that lined at the lake with 350m height above the lake level. Taking this trekking program will be start from 600m above sea level Tetebatu village that rich of herbs with the beautiful rice terrace you might see before your trekking date.

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Rinjani trekking via timbanuhTaking this trekking route offer more jungle trek at the beginning and large savanna along the way up to the crater Rim. You might see the beautiful wildflowers and birds during the trek, the south summit 3500m, crater lake with the beautiful baby volcano can be seed during the trekking programs. This trekking will be start from 450m above sea level Timbanuh village that rich of culture & traditions that you might experience before your trekking date

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Mount Rinjani volcano is a challenging trekking destination that requires a good level of fitness for the main summit trek, south summit trek, or even a hike to the crater rim. These treks can be completed in 2 Days 1 Night, 3 Days 2 Nights, and 4 Days 3 Nights.

The 2 Days 1 Night trekking program to Mount Rinjani allows you to access the main summit at 3726m, the crater rim at 2640m, the south summit at 3300m, and the south summit at 3500m. However, we recommend choosing the 3 Days 2 Nights trekking program for a more relaxed adventure. This extended trek allows you to access the main summit, crater lake, hot springs waterfall, and the amazing Penimbungan waterfall with a height of approximately 100m via the Torean trekking route.

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