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Muji Trekker is a tour operator located in the beautiful village of Sembalun at the foothills of Mount Rinjani. We offer tours all over Lombok and all the way up Rinjani. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just a leisurely trip, be assured with our experience, choose a diverse range of tours and prepare to have an absolutely wonderful time!  

Here at Muji Trekker, we are also dedicated to supporting the local community of Sembalun. By trekking with us, a percentage of all proceeds from your trek goes back into the community, such as free courses for the local youth and sanitation programs. You can also be assured in our strong commitment to keeping our beautiful mountain and island clean. We frequently take part in Clean Rinjani Programs and always make sure that every trekkker leaves nothing but footprints, and takes nothing more than pictures. Except, of course, beautiful memories perhaps.  

           About Our Founder:

Our founder, Muji Sembahulun, is an experienced guide and local of Sembalun. Having reached the summit of Rinjani 89 times, he has a familiarity with hiking and travel that goes beyond just knowing the path.

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Why Muji Trekker..?
  • The best tour operator in Lombok
  • We are Rinjani Trekking Specialists
  • We have guided treks to Mount Rinjani since 2009
  • We offer tours across all of Lombok Island
  • We are part of the youth community developing and supporting eco-tourism on Lombok
  • We value Community, Hospitality and Sustainability
What We Do.?
  • We arrange a diverse range tour activities all over Lombok
  • We support local community development in Sembalun village
  • We provide free English classes for local kids and youth
  • We arrange volunteering programs in Sembalun Village
  • We donate to the local nonprofit organization in Sembalun – Sembalun Community Development Centre (SCDC)

How To Get Started..?

All of our tours are private and flexible, developed to suit your interests, time and budget. We have an amazing clientele that ranges in age, interests and budget, and have posted many sample itineraries and tour packages for you to browse through for ideas for your own tour.  

Our Standard Package Services are for guests who are interested in an incredible experience with an amazing level of service utilizing high quality camping equipment and staying in beautiful bungalows pre-trek in Lombok.

Our Budget Package Service offers more challenging adventure, with the opportunity to experience the unique SASAK culture with a “Home Stay”, spend your time in the village staying in a local family house.

Browse through the tour activities bellow and give us a call/wa: at +6281917774082. Or fill out our Contact Form, and we can work together on the perfect trip for you.


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Incredible Rinjani Treks 2020

Mount Rinjani Trekking Via Sembalun 2Days-1Nights


This trip program is recommended for expert trekkers.

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Mount Rinjani Trekking Via Sembalun 3Days-2Nights


Exploring Mount Rinjani volcano for longer and experience more.

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Mount Rinjani Trekking Via Sembalun 4Days-3Nights


Taking four days to trek Mount Rinjani is more relaxing and you can explore more.

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Best Hiking Activities

Pergasingan Hill Hiking

Sunrise Trip Lombok

Sunrise trip to Pergasingan Hill in Lombok is one of the best attractions to experience. Start and finish at the foot hill of Mount Rinjani.

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Hiking & Camping 2Days-1Night


Amazing hiking and camping on Pergasingan Hill Lombok. Enjoy the wonderful night starts, sunset & sunrise.

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Wildflower Trip Lombok

Great Nature Trip In Lombok

The wildflower trip in Lombok can be done as a one day trip or 2Days- 1Night camping.

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Special Request Lombok Trip 2020

Rinjani South Summit 2D1N Adventure

Rinjani Trek Via Tetebatu

The south Rinjani summit trip will be started in Tetebatu or Timbanuh village and will be finished at the same place.

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Tandem Paragliding in Lombok Island

Tandem Fly In Sembalun Valley

This fun attractions in Lombok on the foothills of mount rinjani guarantee worth it, enjoying the beautiful natures from the air.

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Authentic Lombok Tours 6Days-5Nights

Experience the unique SASAK cultures

We know how to treat our clients with unique attractions and an enjoyable trip with the SASAK people of Lombok.

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Authentic Day Tours

Biking Trip Country Sight

Amazing Trip Sembalun Valley

This is one of the best biking trips on the foothills of Mount Rinjani, surrounded by the beautiful hills and mountains.

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Happy biking trip

Best Biking Trip In Tetebatu Village

Exploring the amazing Tetebatu village and visit the beautiful rice terraces and herbs gardens with the friendly local people.

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Waterfall Tours Lombok

Sindang Gila & Tiu Kelep Waterfall

This trip is the most famous trip in Lombok to explore the natural waterfalls of Singeng Gile and Tiu Kelep.

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Gili Kondo 2D1N Camp

Explore Exotic Four Gilis

We offer one day trip and 2Days-1Night camping on the virgin islands of Kondo, Bidara, Kapal and Lampu.

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A Day Tour Gili Kondo

Explore Four Gilis In One Day

Explore the exotic four gilis on an amazing one day tour in Lombok for a beautiful island-hopping adventure.

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Best Day Trip Lombok

Panorama Walk Lombok

Take a walk around the beautiful village known as the Sembalun, in the valley on the foothills of Mount Rinjani for an amazing experience.

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